Create Hand Stamped Jewelry

Create Hand Stamped Jewelry

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Author: Ral Sara

ISBN: 198403328X

Number Of Pages: 48

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: Hand Stamping jewelry is lots of fun to create! However, the task can be daunting when your first starting out. From buying all the tools you need, to how to stamp the blanks. This tutorial includes everything you need to know how to get started making beautiful hand stamped jewelry. Book Includes: List of minimal tools needed, and optional ones you might want Which raw materials are best suited for stamping How to align and center text when stamping Step-by-step instruction on projects from bracelets, necklaces, and even golf ball markers Added loop making instruction to hang your stones/pearls A detailed supplier list on where to purchase tools & supplies Many examples of created pieces to get your creativity flowing Many tips to prevent you from making mistakes Don't waste any more time trying to teach yourself and purchasing items you will never need. Save your money with this book! And never forget, practice makes perfect. Soon you will be finished hammering in minutes.

EAN: 9781984033284

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