Basic Metal Stamp Set, Punctuation, 2.5mm

Basic Metal Stamp Set, Punctuation, 2.5mm

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ImpressArt basic stamps are made of hardened steel these stamps are for stamping soft metals such as aluminum, pewter, alkeme, copper, and brass.

In order to prevent rust, these stamp sets are lightly coated with oil. Simply wipe down with a dry paper towel or rag before using. (Avoid wiping with anything wet - water will cause stamps to rust.)

  • Size: 2.5mm (will stamp punctuation for use with 2.5mm stamps)
  • For stamping soft metals including aluminum, pewter, alkeme, copper, brass, and nickel silver
  • Includes period, comma, exclamation point, hashtag, asterisk, parenthesis, colon, quotation mark, and dash
  • Classic sans serif font, similar to Arial

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